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Digital Culture Conference

16 Mai 2018Under the sign of the Centenary of the Great Union, World Trade Center Bucharest hosted the first event dedicated to the cultural and behavioral challenges brought about by transformation and digital change. The Digital Culture Conference is an event partner of Bucharest Technology Week, organized by FORUM IT and Asociația Blockchain România.

Asociația Blockchain Romania at the „Smart Economy” conference, organized by NEO in Brussels, the European Parliament:
ABR President – Armand Domuța, co-fonder NEO – Hongfei Da and the executive director of ABR – Adrian Stratulat.

Smart Economy Expo 2018

7 Mai 2018During the event we discussed the prospect of blockchain adoption in the market, its impact on the global economy and the institutional dialogue needed for it.

We want to thank Mr. Da Hongfei, co-founder of NEO and Onchain, for his willingness and enthusiasm to work with the blockchain community in Romania through Asociația Blockchain Romania.

David Friedman – about liberty and state

19 Aprilie 2018The arrival in Bucharest of Professor David Friedman, the son of legendary Milton Friedman, has been an excellent opportunity to create synergies between generations of libertarian thinkers.
The Blockchain Association of Romania, represented by Executive Director Adrian Stratulat, enjoys the positive perception that cryptocurriencies and blockchain technology has among libertarian academics, this conference being only the first in a long series of successful events

Free Market Road Show

11 Aprilie 2018 – Asociația Blockchain Romania would like to thank the Romanian-American University for the invitation to participate in a roundtable of experts on “Values? What Values?”, An exciting discussion about free market values, entrepreneurship in the digital era and how Blockchain technology to change the game.