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Support Blockchain Association of Romania and the projects through which we want to help inform the public about the adoption of Blockchain technology and its benefits. Donate any amount, by any of the methods:



Bank accounts

Unicredit RON: RO81 BACX 0000 0016 6543 9001


Trough the 2% program, individuals (i.e. you) can redirect 2% of their income tax (which you are already paying to the state) towards Asociația Blockchain Romania. Procedure:
1. Are you an employee and there by not required to file an annual income statement? Please fill in Statement 230

2. Did you have extrasalary income last year? (copyrights, rentals, earnings from the sale of cryptocurrencies) Please fill in Statement 200
Fiscal code (CUI): 39005046
Bank account RON: RO81 BACX 0000 0016 6543 9001Unicredit Bank
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After filling in the Statement (200 or 230) with your info, then listed and signed, please file it directly (or send it by snail-mail) by May 25, 2018 to the Financial Administration of which you belong. In order to allow us also to follow the process and thank you for the amount you directed to Blockchain Association of Romania, please let us know in an e-mail sent to your name and the Financial Administration to which you submitted/sent the Statement.

Good to know:

Only one Statement (200 or 230) may be filed.
Trough the 2% program you can redirect your income tax towards a single organization.

Thank you!