Company Enables Artists to Sell Unlimited Concert Tickets by Using Blockchain-Powered VR

Millions of tickets are sold yearly for musiс fans to see artists of all calibers, from small venues to large arena concerts. However it is not physically possible for every fan to be able to see their favorite artist; the more popular they are, the more people miss out, as venues quickly reach capacity. Yet virtual reality company CEEK are looking to change this and tackle the issue of demand outstripping supply in live music.

Viewing the concert through a headset

According to CEEK, by allowing artists to sell unlimited ‘virtual’ tickets for fans to view the concert through a headset, the company have removed the upper limit (and therefore lost potential revenue) on tickets available to be sold. They are already available to purchase at retailers such as Amazon (and recently sold out at US retailer Best Buy), and simply connect to the user’s smartphone to allow for streaming. Since CEEK have partnered with Universal and Apple, music fans can enjoy concerts from an impressive lineup of artists who typically sell out, including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and U2. In addition, they have partnered with T-Mobile to enable customers to use VR data-free; a seemingly small detail that will actually make a real beneficial difference for customers.

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